Friday, October 22, 2010

Sustainable Jamboree E-bike Bulk Buy Update

From Garry Willett

"I have some GREAT NEWS!. The electric bike bulk buy programme has been "zipping along".... So much so that the 50 bikes are being ordered as I type. this means the price of $1,600 is confirmed, which is great!
We did not quite get to the maximum number of 50, however ,Glow Worm have decided to order them anyway. This means that we have been able to extend the bulk buy programme until November 6, so you still have time, if you would like to purchase a bike.

Because the order needed to be placed the boys have had to take a guess at the number of Sprints and Torq's to order. Those that have already decided on their bike of choice and pre paid are assured of receiving their preference model. As we move closer to the end date and people take up the remaining bikes, it will be a case of what ever is left. Naturally, those that order right at the death, run the risk of not getting their first choice. Anyway, lets hope we will have enough to supply everyone. Orders over the last few days have been terrific, Two orders of three bikes and another of two., plus a few singles.

I'm really looking forward to arranging an ebike ride, where we can all come together to celebrate our new found mode of transport.

Just a bit of house keeping:

Glow Worm have had to change their bank details on the order form, so I have attached the correct version. Also all documents are now available as down load from

Sustainable Jamboree will be hosting an electric bike forum on Saturday 23rd from 1.00pm to 2.30pm. I will present and have the eZee Sprint on hand for test riding. Please come along and bring friends. Very Informal and a good opportunity to have a burn around the Mount Ommaney Library. if you own your own helmet, please bring it with you."

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