Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Soils are Alive!!! Conference 27th Nov: Parliament House

"There is a lot more to soil than dirt. Healthy soils support the functioning of our natural environment and are the basis for successful agriculture. Although the soil biological ecosystem is considered the most diverse, it is poorly understood. Our conference will give you an introduction to all aspects of soil and will have a focus on the rich and important biology and create a link to ecosystem services and sustainable land use. Scientists from Queensland and interstate will guarantee a hugely interesting learning experience and a better understanding of soil resource management."

Saturday, 27th Nov 2010
Registration from 8.00am
Undumbi Room, Parliamentary Annexe, Parliament House, Brisbane, George St (entrance via Alice St—UBD 4 J13)
Post conference BBQ in the grounds of Qld Maritime Museum

For more information and a registration form please visit Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network Inc website here.

$50 conference

$12 post conference BBQ

Program highlights
  • Dr Peter Kopittke/University of Queensland: Introduction to Soils
  • Dr David Eldrige/University of NSW on Microbiotic Soil Crusts and their Role in Soil and Ecological Processes
  • Associate Professor Peter McGee/University of Sydney on Mycorrhizal Fungi and their Function in Soil and Application to Restoration
  • Dr Geoff Monteith/Queensland Museum on Dung Beetles and their Effects on Soil
  • Dr Geoff Dyne/Qld Section Australian Government Land and Coasts on A Hidden Diversity: native earthworm species and their role in soil processes and ecosystem integrity
  • Dr Diane Allen/Qld Dept of Environment and Resource Management on Soil Carbon and Soil Health
  • Merline Olson/Soil Foodweb International on How to measure Soil Biomass
  • Professor Richard Haynes/University of Queensland on Soil Contaminants and Bioremediation
  • Dr Chengron Chen/Griffith University on Global Changes and Soil Microbial Community

N.B: This conference has been organised by the Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network

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