Friday, January 21, 2011

Resilience in electricity when the power grid fails

During the recent floods many were without power for 3 or more days. Some are still without. Here are a few ideas you might like to implement depending on your budget.

Five levels of security

1/ Recharge your mobile: In-Car charger <$10.00 or small solar powered charger $40.00

2/ Run a laptop from your car: Cigarette lighter inverter ~$80.00

3/ Run a small 12 volt camping fridge: Solar panel (120w), regulator and battery $800.00

4/ Keep your household fridge going: Solar array, regulator, battery bank, inverter

Solar panels (500w) $1500.00

Regulator (40 amp) $200.00 (available on ebay)

Battery bank (200 amp hour) $600.00

800w pure sine wave inverter $200.00

TOTAL COST $2,500.00

5/ Keep your house running with existing grid- solar system by adding a mini grid.

Add a generator change over switch $200.00

Extra solar panels (200w) $600.00

Battery bank (600 amp hour) $1,500.00

Regulator (20 amp) $100.00

800w pure sine wave inverter $200.00

TOTAL COST $2,600.00

Some alternatives:

1/ Buy a generator and use petrol or diesel which may not be available (use a changeover switch and connect up generator to house)

2/ Trade in your existing grid-interactive inverter for a Selectronics hybrid inverter and battery bank for around $9-10k.

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