Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Electric cars part 2

In my recent post on the Volt and Leaf electric cars I neglected to mention there is already one mass produced electric car on the streets in Australia. The Mitsubishi - iMiev.

The iMiev is similar to the Nissan Leaf in that is it a pure electric vehicle with no internal combustion engine. Similar to the Leaf it gets about ~12o km per charge. Also like the Leaf the iMiev can be both 220V (ie: household electricity) charged or high voltage fast charged.

Doing some comparisons: the iMiev has both a smaller battery pack and a less powerful electric motor than the Leaf, but is quite a bit smaller and lighter overall, which allows it to get a similar range. The Volt is also bigger and heavier than the iMiev, but has a similar sized battery pack since it only runs all electric for ~55km before its backup petrol engine kicks in. Looking at their specs it would seem the iMiev is similar to the Leaf in being ideally suited as a city or commuting car.

The advantage of the iMiev is that it is already available in Oz, at least to lease, while the others don't arrive till next year. As Mitsubishi ramps up production over the next few years we should be seeing of few more of them around.

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