Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hi Mike, good summary. The following was put out by the ACF in its Habitat magazine in its children's section. Maybe this is the level of communication required:)
Seven Good Reasons To Say Yes To A Price On Carbon Pollution:
1. Big Polluters Pay, Not Individual taxpayers ( the carbon price will be paid by less than 1% of businesses who are responsible for 75% of Australia's carbon pollution).
2. There's a New Incentive
to cut pollution and innovate...
3. The money charged to big polluters
wont all go to the govt - some will go to reneweable energy..
4. ..and some will go to help people
on low incomes struggling with bills...
5. There'll be new jobs
cleaning upexistng industries and building new ones... ( up to 700,000 new jobs)
6. Cleaner air
will mean better health for all.
7. We'll finally be doing something positive about climate change.


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