Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TTKD August meeting: Water Recycling – Facts and Myths

Water Recycling – Facts and Myths
Guest speaker - Troy Walker


The presentation will look at water recycling in Australia and around the world.  It will look to answer:

·         What are the different kinds of water recycling?
·         What are the technologies that are used?
·         Is it safe?


Troy Walker is the Technical Manager for Veolia Water in Australia.

He has worked in the water industry in Australia for the past 18 years, working in the operation of water treatment plants, the design and construction of water treatment plants and the manufacture of water treatment equipment.  His speciality is membrane processes such as microfiltration and reverse osmosis, especially in their application for sewage recycling applications.  He has worked on a number of these types of projects in the United States, Singapore and Australia.

He is a native of Sydney, but in 2007 emigrated to Brisbane to work on the landmark Western Corridor Recycled Water Project, which is operated by Veolia.  He lives in Mansfield with his wife and two young daughters.

And yes, he has, and will again, confidently drink recycled sewage.

TTKD Aug 2012 Meeting Flyer


  1. Recycled sewage, is it OK to drink? I have heard that there are several metals dissolved that are harmful for health and there is no process to remove them

  2. It's a pity you weren't able to come to the meeting then, but Michigan is a long way from Kenmore.

    Currently in South East Queensland the recycled water is being used by industry only, this frees up rainwater (etc) for drinking water. But that could change if we have another big drought.

    Since all water is, to a certain extent, recycled sewage, can you provide some evidence to back up your suggestions about harmful dissolved metals?

    Thanks for stopping by.