Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The best way to support active transport is.... to actually support it

Despite improvements, and a lot of rhetoric, recent decisions by the State Government shows it still has some way to go before sustainability and promoting pubic and active transport become central to its decision making.

Locally, the newly announced Kenmore Park n Ride is a good example. While we thoroughly support new facilities such of the Park n Ride, (which should help to ease congestion along Moggill Road and give local residents a chance to decrease their carbon footprints). It is disappointing that the plans for the Park n Ride do not include any bicycle facilities, even though the addition of such facilities is now becoming common place at other major public transport facilities such as QR train stations and Busway stations.

Adding secure and covered bicycle parking facilities to this (and any future) Park n Rides would greatly enhance the facility at a minimal cost. Benefits of adding bike parking would include increasing the number of people able to park their “vehicles” in the same amount of space (likely to be important given that demand for Park n Ride parks often exceeds supply). Providing an option for people travelling by bus to get to the bus stop in a healthy and carbon neutral manner and the promotion of cycling more generally.

The newly released Draft SEQ Regional Plan, Section 12.3 states that plan “strongly supports public transport and active transport modes such as walking and cycling”. Adding bike parking to public transport hubs would allow the government to do both at the same time and at least start to address the serious lack of cycling infrastructure on this side of town (ignoring for the moment the similar lack of public transport infrastructure). After all, the best way to promote cycling as a credible way to get from A to B is to actually make it convenient enough for this to be true.

Ps: TTKD has been in touch with our local state representative about this issue, but if you feel the same way, feel free to get in touch with the member for Moggill Dr Bruce Flegg.

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