Sunday, August 16, 2009


The year is racing away from me - it is August already but I am just finishing up stuff from July.
I have harvested my lemons and made little cakes with them. The photo is not particularly kind, they are delicious. I am also getting good rocket from the garden at the moment, almost

 everything else has been taken by the possums.

Speaking of really unkind photo's - we had our first birthday at Transition Town Kenmore District in July.  We actually did have fun.  I have enjoyed getting to know my neighbours this past 12 months. I've also learned a lot about gardening and am starting to re learn how to make things rather than buying everything from China. As a group, our main achievement perhaps has been to connect with other transition groups both in Brisbane and beyond. Going forward, we are close to starting the action part of our local community garden in Kenmore.

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  1. Your blog is looking good and lots of helpful links and news.
    I am trying to set up a blog for our year on the road.
    We are heading off in October with our first long term stop in Tassie. We are caretaking a friend's property there from early December so means we won't be competing with peak season holiday makers for free camping and NP spots.We plan to spend at least 3 months in TAS and then we'll take the coast road to SA and then across Nullabor.
    We are self sufficient with solar panels so we have FREEDOM.
    TT experience has been a learning curve; we went from Sustainable Suburbs to TT in just a year and on the road I will spread the word and any wisdom gained.