Monday, March 8, 2010

Clive Hamilton - Requiem for a Species. Public seminar at UQ 24th of March

Prof Clive Hamilton - author, public intellectual, AM and (recently) federal Greens bi-election candidate - will be giving the inaugural seminar at the University of Queenslands' new Global Change Institute on Wed 24th of March to talk about his new book Requiem for a Species.

The Global Change Institute (GCI) is a new institute at the University of Queensland, set up to promote and facilitate teaching and research in the area of sustainability. This sounds like a really interesting although not particularly uplifting seminar.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010
Abel Smith Lecture Theatre

Here are the details

"In the inaugural seminar of the Global Change Institute “Insights Seminar Series” Clive Hamilton talks about his new book which examines why the human species finds facing up to climate change “just too hard”.

There have been any number of urgent scientific reports in recent years emphasising just how dire the future looks and how little time we have left to act.

Around the world only a few have truly faced up to the facts about global warming; others prefer to believe denialist claims in an effort to continue business as usual and maintain current lifestyles.

In the preface to Requiem for a Species Clive Hamilton describes the book as follows:

“It is a book about the frailties of the human species: our strange obsessions, our hubris, and our penchant for avoiding the facts. A story of a battle within us, between the forces that should have caused us to protect the earth, like our capacity to reason and our connection to nature, and our greed, materialism and alienation from nature, which, in the end, have won out.”

This is a free event, open to the public.
Book sales, signing and light refreshments will follow the lecture.

Please RSVP -"

Clive Hamilton AM is author and co-author of the bestselling Affluenza, Growth Fetish, Scorcher, Silencing Dissent and Freedom Paradox.

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