Monday, March 1, 2010

Transition Kenmore now on GreenStreets and the return of the monthly sustainability prize

The social networking / monthly carbon calculate website Greenstreets now has the Groups function allowing Transition Kenmore members to see how each other are going and hopefully inspire a little friendly rivalry to see "who's the greenest of them all".

Last year I proposed a prize for the Transition Kenmore member who got the lowest (ie: most sustainable) monthly GreenStreet score.
Unfortunately there was no easy way to collate the results before our monthly meeting, this, combined with the fact I kept winning, didn't seem to inspire people very much to publise how their own efforts towards greater sustainability were going.

Well Greenstreets has solved problem number one by creating a Groups function on the website so anyone who lives in the postcodes covered by TTKD becomes a member (though one can opt out). This makes it dead easy to see how you're going compared to other TTKD households. I also promise to help spread the winning around by instituting a rule that no household can win two months in a row. Although it might take a couple of minutes for you to calculate your GreenStreet score the first time, it soon becomes a very quick process.

Also, the workings of the Groups function means households who join GreenStreets from our area, but who aren't involved with Transition Towns are initially added to the group automatically. This provides us with an opportunity to engage other environmentally minded households in the Pullenvale/ Kenmore / Moggill area and lift the profile of Transition Towns. Another good reason to join GreenStreets and engage others by competing for the monthly prize.

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