Saturday, April 17, 2010

100% Renewables Campaign

I received the following from the 100% renewables campaign, a new campaign that aims to create a united front around one of the issues many environmental groups and groups like TT support, a move to 100% renewable energy. If anyone is interested in taking part in the launch, please email me (change the " NO SPAM " in the link to an @) and I'll pass on the documents referred to in the quoted message. The value for TT in supporting this campaign is we can pitch in when necessary and as we see fit, and let someone else worry about the details of promoting the cause nationwide, getting the attention of media, etc.

Dear renewable energy supporters,

As many of you will already be aware a number of people in community based climate groups have been beavering away over the last few months to pull together a national campaign for 100% renewable energy.

This campaign, which supports groups to work at the local level on a campaign with national level significance, is now ready to launch - and we'd love you all to be involved!

On Sunday 2nd of May local groups from around the country will gather in their area to call for an urgent transition to 100% renewable energy.

Getting involved in the launch is easy - all you need to do is organise a launch event on Sunday 2nd of May. You might want to hold a picnic or a talk or show a film for your launch but there is one simple thing we hope everyone can do to show our numbers, strength and spread across the country.

We are asking groups all over Australia to take a photo next to a sign showing their town or suburb name, like the ‘Welcome to Ballarat’ sign. Add some phrases on a poster such as “supports renewable energy” or “100% renewable energy for…” and you have yourself a great picture and story for your local media. It’s going to look amazing!

Then when we have pictures from Brisbane and Bayside and Balmain and Ballarat - together with those from many other groups across Australia - we can demonstrate just how many communities are calling for a clean energy future for Australia.

…and this is just the beginning, with other launch activities outlined in the launch plan attached!

In other exciting news, the new logo has been launched along with the campaign website, now up and running at We'll be uploading new resources and website functions in coming weeks so sign up, check it out and we'll be in touch again soon to let you know how you can use the site to share your stories and ideas, register your local launch, and post your launch photo online!

And finally, we want to hear from you! So please let us know if you are planning a launch or have ideas to share and we'll be sending out another online survey to the campaign feedback group soon!

Look forward to hearing from you,

for the 100% renewable campaign organising group*

PS. Not sure what the campaign is all about and want to know more? If so, check out the attached '100% campaign in your community' document so you can talk with your group and start planning your launch for Sunday 2nd of May!

*This campaign is brought to you by members of the following climate groups: Climate Action Newtown, Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions, Climate Rescue of Wagga, Climate Action Darebin, Climate Change Balmain Rozelle, Parramatta Climate Action Network, Climate Action Moreland, Manly Warringah Climate Action Group, Victorian Climate Action Centre (with input from the 100% campaign advisory group and the over 30 members of local climate groups on the CAG feedback group).

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