Monday, April 26, 2010

Debunking Monckton (with videos)

Recently, Lord Christopher Monckton was in Australia. Arguably the most prominent climate change "skeptic" in the world, Monckton's visit drew enormous press (over 10x that of Prof James Hansen, arguably the most prominent climate scientist in the world, on his recent visit).
While in Oz, Monckton had a number of things to say, but is he truthful or credible? In the entertaining videos below Peter Sinclair examines some of Monckton's claims.

Have a look.

After watching these videos, you may (like me) wonder how someone who goes around claiming that global warming is a conspiracy to impose a communist world government, and that he has has invented a drug which is being showing promise against AIDS and a host of other diseases is taken seriously and gets so much press?
Although it is "somewhat" understandable that many journalists would not have the scientific expertise to examine some of his other claims, do they never stop to ask "Is this guy credible?" Or is it simply that no credibility is required to be a prominent climate skeptic?

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