Saturday, May 15, 2010

Post Peak Living - Peak oil and what it might mean for all of us

Post peak living is a website dedicated to looking at what effects peak oil could have on the economy and our lifestyles and how best we can prepare and adapt to a future with a lot less oil.

The website by André Angelantoni, who also runs online courses on post peak living, contain several videos where André outlines the history of oil, rebuts what he sees as myths around the future supply of oil and also considers the enormous impact passing peak oil could have on our way of life and possible actions we can take.

Importantly our responses to peak oil and climate change are closely linked. A rapid response to climate change and a shift of the economy off fossil fuels would substantially blunt the impact of peak oil. However, since the world is not rapidly responding to either climate change or peak oil, André articulates that he believes we have left it too late to avoid substantial impacts on our economy and living standards.

Of course, even if he is correct, that doesn't mean we are helpless. Noticeably André has been promoting the Transition Movement as a positive way to build community resilience to a post peak world. A reminder to everyone involved in TTKD to keep up their efforts.

The videos Post Peak Living have created are informative and also challenge us to consider impacts of declining oil availability that normally we might not think about. If you have time, follow the link and have a look.

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