Sunday, May 16, 2010

Support Climate Crock of the Week

Climate Crock of the Week is currently leading (by a small margin) in votes for a $5000 grant. This is a great series of YouTubes, entertaining and a good response to the anti-science propaganda.

You can vote directly (sign-up required) and even better, after doing that, find my announcement at Twitter  and retweet. But hurry, there's only a few hours left. Voting closes at 11:59pm Saturday 15 May (US time zone).

Here’s an example in case you aren’t familiar with Peter Sinclair’s sterling work:

He also has a series Renewable Energy Solution of the Month, of which here is an example:


I don’t know how many readers of this article voted but someone must have because this project won. I wonder if we can get green-oriented business to sponsor a similar project fund?

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