Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Electric bicycle world tour

Electric bicycles are a cool piece of technology that can allow you to ride around a hilly and hot city like Brisbane without breaking a sweat. Despite their advantages, which include being an extremely environmentally friendly and efficient method of transport, electric bikes don't have a very big profile here in Oz. This is in contrast to countries like China where it is estimated there are 120 million electric bikes on the road.

In an effort to raise the profile of electric bicycles Spaniard Guim Teruel has undertaken an electric bicycle world tour. Starting in Beijing, Guim's cycles have so far taken him through parts of Asia, New Zealand and down the eastern sea board of Australia. Currently in Sydney (he appears to have been in Brissie last month but unfortunately I wasn't aware of it) Guim has been powering his journey with solar panels attached to a small trailer that he tows which charge his spare battery.

Guim has a website where he has been documenting his travels. Check it out and check out electric bikes.

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