Saturday, June 12, 2010

Renewable Energy Solutions: Transition Kenmore June Meeting

It's Time for Renewable Energy Solutions!

Renewable energy has the potential to prevent climate change and make both countries and individuals energy independent.
So come and hear what is happening with real solutions in renewable energy.

The speakers on our Renewable Energy Forum will be:

Professor Paul Meredith a QLD Smart State Senior Fellow, Professor of Physics, and Co-director of the Centre for Organic Photonics & Electronics at the University of Queensland.
Prof Meredith will discuss Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) for residential and commercial-industrial scale generation, including cost, quality, energy produced and payback.

Dr. Patrick Glynn from CSIRO who has spent more than 35 years working in R&D will be speaking on Low Cost Micro Grids and how they can reduce CO2 emissions from power stations by 25%.

Dr. Philip Machanick, a computer scientist who is now working in a biology lab at UQ but has followed alternative energy developments for some time will chair the panel and present an overview of innovative energy solutions from around the world.

Wed June 16th 7:30 p.m
The Uniting Church Hall
982 Moggill Rd Kenmore


  1. I posted the slides to scribd; thre's a link to them at my blog where I will add annotations as time permits.

  2. In the US, there's a plan afoot to set up recharge stations for electric cars, partially funded out of government stimulus money. What a pity we didn't have a stimulus package here. Oh, wait ...