Saturday, September 25, 2010

TTKD Growing Food & Landshare Initiative

Growing Food and Landshare Initiative:
Interested in growing food?

Your local Transition Town: Kenmore District group is continuing the process of self-empowerment.

We are launching the Growing Food & Landshare Initiative.

Please share the following information with your email lists, neighbours, friend and family in the area.

Here in the Pullenvale Ward (from Kenmore/Chapel Hill through to Moggill) we are very fortunate to have a mixture of medium density housing through to peri-urban acreages. This diversity creates an opportunity for those without land, or land unsuitable for growing to match with landholders who do not have the time or resources to utilise their land. This synergy can result in a very productive and stronger community.

This idea of matching people keen to grow food to people with available land came to fruition in the U.K . Landshare was launched by KEO films in the UK in 2009 through the River Cottage TV program. The concept is simple: to connect people who wish to grow food with landowners willing to donate spare land for cultivation. Since then it has flourished into a national movement of more than 50,000 people, sharing more than 3,000 acres of land, with matches in every region of the UK.

TransitionTown: Kenmore District (which covers the Pullenvale Ward) would like to engage with people interested in exploring the possibilities of:

1.Landshare and setting up an online Landshare register

2. Co-ordinating people who are already growing food and have a surplus, no matter how big or small.

3.Co-operatively selling food through the local Moggill Markets in the first instance then onto a wider local food supply network.

Who should register interest?

Anyone interested in growing food.
Anyone with land they are happy for others to use with a written agreement as to the terms of that use.
Gardening Mentors: people in the area who have experience in growing food and are willing to share that knowledge.

Register your interest by sending us an email: transitionkenmore"at"

"From little things, big things grow" - Lets start growing!


  1. Hi there

    Many thanks for putting all this info about Landshare on your website. I'm one of the Landshare team, so if you have any questions, just give me a shout at

    By the way, as a Transition Group, you might be interested in our new groups section - depending on what you want to do, you can now use Landshare to team up as a General Group, an Organisation or a Lets Grow Group. Have a look at

    Happy growing and many thanks again
    The Landshare Team

  2. Hi There

    Just to follow on from Lucy, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Landshare Australia. We are working closely with the UK branch where over 57,000 people have registered with the website. We are launching in Feb 2011. In the meantime, we encourage everyone interested to go to our site and pre-register

    all the best
    Phil Dudman
    Landshare Australia Team