Thursday, September 9, 2010

TTKD Sept Meeting: Electric Bicycles - The future of transport in the city?

Electric bicycles offer an affordable, sustainable and congestion free way to travel in the city.

Come and hear from some local electric bicycle enthusiasts, try out their bikes and check out the opportunity to get an electric bike at a heavily discounted price.

Speaking on electric bicycles will be

Dr Paul Martin, an Anaesthetist and electric bicycle enthusiast. Paul has been able to replace most car journeys with cycling and will be speaking about the advantages of electric bikes and why they are well suited to a city like Brisbane.

Garry Wilett, a member of Sustainable Jamboree, Garry is organising an electric bike bulk buy will talk about how you can purchase your own electric bike at a heavily discounted price.

Why an electric bike? well as Garry told us:
"This probably does not mean much, but let me tell you my bike can do 30Kmh without peddling. Faster if I peddle. It can travel 40km on a charge and up to 90kms if I peddle a bit. It flys and guess what I don't feel like I have been rung out when I get to the other end. No heart palpitations or wobbly legs. Oh, and I don't wear lycra. I just ride in my every day clothes. The bike paths are getting better and I have found riding the bike quite safe."

Wed 15th 7:30pm
The Uniting Church Hall
982 Moggill Rd Kenmore

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