Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Want cheaper clean energy for your home or business?

Howard Nielsen and Green Street are putting together a renewable energy bulk buy for South East Queensland, with the aim of allowing you to power your home or business with Renewable Energy (also called Green Power) at a lower cost.

Here's the details:

Want to buy renewable energy at lower than usual prices?

Green Street is partnering with PowerGroup to negotiate the best possible renewable energy bulk purchase from energy providers in South-East Queensland.

The Renewable Energy Bulk Buy (REBB) Scheme relies on householders and business owners registering their interest in buying green energy. The retailers then tender to supply the energy.

We believe that if tens of thousands of householders and business owners register for the REBB Scheme, this will apply enough pressure to energy retailers to bring green power prices down below that for coal-fired power. Their tender prices to REBB registrants should be very competitive. The registrants then decide to accept or reject the best tender offer.

All you have to do is go to either or the Green Street Renewable Energy Bulk Buy Scheme webpage and fill out the registration form. This costs nothing (other than about 2 minutes of your time).

This is a ground-breaking opportunity to pay less for green power, while reducing carbon emissions and putting the pressure on energy providers to produce more renewable energy. This is a classic win-win situation.

People already on green power or producing their own solar power should also register: you may be able to make further savings. 

Green Street are a reputable organisation dedicated to sustainability and obviously the more people who register interest, the better the deal. So if you are interested, please take 60 seconds to register. Note that registering does not commit you to take up the eventual winning tender, so you really have nothing to loose.

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