Friday, November 6, 2009

National Recycling week 9th-15th November

Continuing our waste and recycling theme lately (see here and here), next week (9th-15th of November) is National Recycling Week.

The best place to find all the info about the week is Planet Ark's National Recycling Week Website. There really is a plethora of info on the website including:

Fact sheets on recycling all different types of products.

A short recycling FAQ that answers some of those nagging recycling questions like, can I recycle bottle caps? and how much food on my pizza boxes makes them un-recyclable?
Answers: Metal caps yes, plastic caps no and as long as you have scrapped all the food out of the
pizza box and it's not too greasy, yes (otherwise give your worm farm a treat).

A list of National Recycling Week events, including Swap Meets and Parties as well as Recycling Festivals.
A recycling quiz, with prizes
Information on and link to various organisations that promote reuse and recycle in your local community through Trade and Exchange . For example LETS and Freecycle.

Another neat resource offered by Planet Ark is the Recycling Near You website.
Got an item you want to recycle but don't know how or who to send it to? Well try here, you can search by area or product.
For example did you know you can recycle X-ray films in Brisbane? Neither did I, but you can send them to Siltech Pty Ltd. So if you have stuff sitting in the cupboard or garage that you don't want to pump in the garbage because you think it really ought to be recycled, then check here, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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