Monday, November 2, 2009

A new month begins - so don't forget to calculate your GreenStreet Score

One of the best tools for helping us to individually reduce our carbon footprints and to help get our neighbours and communities involved as well is GreenStreets (for a run down on what GreenStreets is and how it works see here).
Part of keeping up to date with GreenStreets is to fill out a monthly 2 minute carbon footprint calculation to get your GreenStreet score for the month which you can compare with those of your friends, street, suburb and so on.
As per last month I will again be offering a prize for the TTKD member who gets the best (ie: lowest) score.
So if you havn't yet joined then I recommend you click here (it really is quite easy) and if you already have don't forget to calculate your score for the month. Feel free to post it in the comments, bragging is accepted but the moment of truth will of course be at our next monthly meeting.
Good luck!


  1. Great excitiment!! Down from 32 to 13 points!! Much easier now we have settled in. There wasn't a place though to calculate cost of PV system and insulation which were this weeks happenings and purchases. Perhaps thats because they are energy savers?


  2. Crikey, looks like this monthly prize will be a close tussle after all.
    Regarding the PV system etc, I don't think GreenStreets really calculates large purchases, but since yours are indeed energy savers I think not counting them is fair.