Thursday, November 12, 2009

TTKD Nov Meeting. Understanding climate change: Spotlight on the "skeptics" and Climate Change Q & A

The November meeting is an opportunity to bring along friends, family, neighbours who are either inquisitive or skeptical to our

Q & A on Climate Change.

As we move closer to the important decision making event at Copenhagen we need to assist as many people as possible to be as fully informed as possible.

Dr Philip Machanick will be giving a short presentation
"Understanding the science by being skeptical of the skeptics." Looking at some of the "skeptics'" arguments and asking, how well do they really stack up? And, would a true "skeptic" believe their "evidence"?

Followed by a Q & A on Climate Change with our panel to help answer your questions and arm you with the knowledge to discuss climate change with friends and family.
On our panel are Dr Philip Machanick, Dr Doone Wyborn and Mike Clark.

If you have ever wondered.
Whats a tipping point? How do greenhouse gasses work? What's the lastest science telling us? What sort of a world are we leaving for future generations? How do we know it's not the sun? Then come along and find out.
Be informed, Be there!

Wed Nov 18th 7:30pm
Uniting Church Hall
982 Moggill Rd

Update: Following on from the meeting, a summary of reputable online resources on climate change has been posted here.


  1. Some of you may also be interested in my article on why fossil fuel availability is grossly over-estimated, and The Guardian on the big cover-up of how close we are to an oil supply crisis.

    We also mentioned the RealClimate site last night. Here's another with a huge range of topics on how to talk to a climate sceptic. I haven't checked through the whole thing but what I've checked looks good. There's some robust debate. What strikes me about this site is how strident the "sceptics" are even when they clearly are not very knowledgeable (making suppositions without checking how they relate to known science for example, then vigorously defending themselves on an even flimsier basis).

  2. Thanks Phil

    Both of these sites plus others are linked to from my first climate science resources post:
    and are also linked to in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page. Scroll down to "Climate change resources".