Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thoughts and plans for TTKD in 2010 - Your feedback is welcome

The start of a new year provides an opportunity to think about what Transition Town Kenmore can achieve in 2010 in the Pullenvale ward, and as part of the growing Transition Town Network around Brisbane.

We currently have plans for a bunch of new initiatives for the coming year but would like to hear ideas from everyone for ways to meet, actions to take, workshops to do and topics to learn about.
So, if you have an idea, request or thoughts on our current plans, please leave a comment.

Some of our thoughts to date for 2010 include;

Community dinners
Part of the Transition philosophy is community building and we understand that attending our midweek meeting can be difficult for some. So, we'd like to get everyone together on a semi-regular basis to meet, eat, get to know one another better and talk about how to kick on as a group.

After the success of the first permablitz we are keen to continue blitzing gardens on a monthly basis. The basic rule being that once you have attended three blitzes then you can put your own garden on the roster to be blitzed. We also like the idea of turning front gardens into mini "community gardens" where anyone can come past and grab some fresh produce. If you want to be part of the blitz group and are not already then email either Carol, or transitionkenmore[at]

TTKD sub-groups
It has been observed that the most effective Transition Town groups are those that have multiple subgroups working on different areas. The new year should see our packaging subgroup up and running again but we would like to see various members set up their own subgroups to take action on a specific area they are most passionate about.
An example would be a "local food" subgroup who would organise the permablitz's, try to progress a community garden and (if necessary) help members share round excess food from the growing number of permablitz's gardens, etc. Something to talk about at our first community dinner perhaps?

Meeting speakers and workshop topics
We plan to continue our monthly meetings during 2010 and run more workshops than in 2009, but we would like to hear from you about what topics you would like our meetings to cover.

Any thoughts or requests? If so, please leave a comment.


  1. Anyone interested in keeping native stingless bees?

  2. Phil could you give us a little background on the bees
    Do they need much space for their hive? Do you have to be close to certain food sources? Do you have to be careful what pesticides you use in your garden?
    Perhaps you could do a post about them and then people would have a better idea if they would suit?