Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to build a garden box part 2 (plus a part 1 progress report)

Back in December 09 I posted about one DIY method to make a garden box to keep opossums and brush turkeys out of your vege garden.

Despite being a little cluttered due to our enthusiasm to plant as much as possible in the space available, we now have spinach, chillies, broccoli and zucchini growing quite happily where 6 weeks ago there was bare dirt (check out the photos from the original post)

The chilli plants seem to have enjoyed the recent rain and are flowering and sprouting a lot of little chillies.

Making the wooden framed box with a lid in part one took a bit of work. Since it seems that the local brush turkeys aren't so interested in more mature plants we are also using more simplified protection for other plants.

For our sunflowers, we simply bent some chicken wire into a upside down "half-pipe".

Keeping it as free of other bought or non-degradable items as possible, we used some bits of bamboo bark that was lying around to wedge the chicken wire open

and then some large seed pods to hold it all down.

When the sunflowers grew taller, we simply cut holes for them to grow through. Easy.

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