Monday, February 1, 2010

Qld Recycling E-Petition - Sign the petition to introduce a 10c refund on bottles, cans and cartons

A petition has been launched to introduce a 10c refund on a number of recyclable items in Queensland to help prevent littering and help increase rates of recycling, similar to the scheme in South Australia.

Since this has been talked about at Transition Kenmore meetings as something we would support, you might like to sign the petition online here and let your friends and family know as well.
Signing the petition is open to Queensland residents, citizens and electors. See the website for more details.

The petition statement is as follows:

"Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House:

1. the increasing (dangerous) occurrence of broken glass, cans and associated refuse on roads, footpaths, cycleways and public space;
2. the escalating amount of recyclable drink containers going to landfill and overloading public refuse bins; and
3. the success of CDL in South Australia.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to introduce (CDL) legislation in Queensland as done in South Australian (12 February 2008) to ensure a 10 cent deposit/refund for every (glass, bottle, can, PET bottle, fruit drink and flavoured milk carton) drink container. (In consultation with the drinks manufacturers.)

H/T to Ngaire from Sustainable Jamboree for bringing this to my attention.

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