Monday, February 8, 2010

The Coalition's climate change policy

Various scientific and economic experts have weighed in on The Coalition's recently released climate change policy.
You can read some of their responses on the CCNQ site: "Tinkering around the edges" "wishful thinking" "manifestly inadequate" - Scientific and economic experts weigh in on Coalition Climate Plan

There is also a useful post gathering a variety of scientific, economic and environmental opinion here at A Climate For Change

You can see the full roundup of comments from the scientific and economic experts go here


  1. Personally, I think any policy which is driven by politics is doomed to fail.

    Planet Earth is non political.

    Isnt it time we approached this issue in a bipartisan manner, and stopped thinking that one political party has the solution?


  2. Yes, I think we'd be in a better position if people stopped using climate change as a political football or wedge issue.

    That being said, for bipartisanship to deliver, both major parties would need to commit to taking meaningful action on climate change. There's not much point in a compromise that wouldn't lead to a meaningful reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.