Saturday, February 20, 2010

Supergreenme: A "facebook for greenies"

A love of nature and the environment lead sunshine coast man and former banker David Toomey to set up a "facebook for greenies" called Supergreenme.
Part eco-encyclopedia, part social networking Supergreenme provides a wealth of user generated information on environmental topics and the ability to interact with other environmentally minded individuals and groups from around Australia and the world.

Informative stuff on the site includes lots of "going green tips", reasons for living an environmental friendly lifestyle for everyone from small business to grandparents, and lots of eye candy in the way of videos showcasing natural beauty as well as user created videos.

David recently explained that increasing environmental awareness in people by developing their appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and its wildlife is a major part of the philosophy behind Supergreenme and I think this clearly shows in the website.

Looking at some of the other environmental and nature orientated groups on Supergreenme such as Wildlife Warriors Worldwide (a group founded by Steve and Terri Irwin to care for and protect injured and endangered wildlife) you are reminded of the breadth of the environmental movement and also of how the jobs of such wildlife defenders will become much harder if we allow climate change to decimate natural ecosystems.

Although Transition Kenmore is mostly focused on the effects of climate change and resource depletion on people, it's worth remembering that a love of nature and the environment is an important reason why many of us become concerned about the impacts of people on the natural environment in the first place. Perhaps before we realised the serious impact a changing environment could have on us too.
In our efforts to address issues like climate change we must ensure that we not only work with other groups whose main focus in the natural environment but that we also reach out to members of the public who care about the natural environment but have not yet made the connection between climate change and environmental destruction the same way people have with other topics such as deforestation.

Luckily for us, David Toomey and Supergreenme seem to have realised this already.
Check it out.

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