Saturday, February 20, 2010

Waste not.....

Two problems facing Brisbane gardeners are what to do with the palm fronds (most gardens seem to have them) and all the prunings, a natural by-puct of lush growth. One of the things I find upsetting is to see these being disposed of in the normal rubbish bin. This means they go to landfill and hence produce methane. Green waste constitutes 30% of landfill here in Brisbane.

BCC is now instigating a green bin system. You have to apply and there will be a small fee but it will be collected from your home, composted and used on council gardens. To find out more go to HTTP://

Meanwhile, as we have lots to mulch on our own place we recently invested in an 80 year old

It loves palm fronds and most other prunings as long as the stems are not too thick. It is fun to find a great use for this solid old piece of machinery.

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