Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Human Health Impacts of Open-Cut Coal and Coal Seam Gas Mining

Coal seam gas has been in the new a lot lately and some of you may have seen the movie GasLand, which is about another kind of gas but with some related issues. This forum may be of interest.

Queries: Drew Hutton – Phone: 0428 487 110
Human Health Impacts of Open-Cut Coal and Coal Seam Gas Mining
Venue: Abel Smith Lecture Theatre, The University of Queensland
Address: Blg 23, St Lucia Campus - Located at top of Campbell Rd
Public Forum: Thursday 17 March 2011 6-8pm
Speakers Include:
  • Dr Dick van Steenis, UK physician, local govt advisor on public health impacts of coal mining.
  • Assoc Prof Peter Dart, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, UQ and ACF Council.
  • Professor Jack Ng, UQ National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology.
  • Ms Peta Ashworth, CSIRO Qld Director Energy Transformed Flagship Program
  • Prof Kerry Carrington, QUT Law Faculty and Head of Justice Program
Coal and CSG mining are not only impacting on the environment but also on human and community health. Chemicals released as particulates or vapours from the processes, or used in extraction such as the fraccing chemicals have the potential to release toxins into the environment and cause a range of illnesses from asthma to cancer. The tensions in the community, differences in life style of the "locals" and the workers in these industries, as well as the loss of agricultural and even town land to mining can lead to mental health problems and violence. Communities need support to strengthen their resilience to cope with the changes. These issues need to be addressed in planning how these industries are allowed to operate.

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