Friday, December 4, 2009

Action at Anstead

Well, we are definitely settling into our new patch here at Anstead. On the 4th Nov when the temp reached 36 degrees we had the insulation installed, thankfully early in the morning. The guys installing jumped into the pool to recover !

On Nov 5th we had the new 1.44KW (expandable to 2.5KW) PV system installed -temp 32 degrees. Our average output per day so far has been 6.68 kWh with consumption 9.5 kWh per day ( that swimming pool pump!) so by the time we add another 1KW to the system we should be self-sufficient. Doone only has one more panel to buy on ebay.

Fortunately the 2 rains we have had have nicely topped up the water tanks.
We have added a grape vine, 2 xfig trees, black zapote, guava,olive, lem
onade, pomelo, 4 passionfruits, 3x pawpaw, cassava, native frangipani, herbs, rocket, a few vegies, ferns, palms and bromeliads to our growing garden. The 3 mango trees are laden so we might have to have a mango drying workshop!

The aquaponics unit moved well. We didn't lose a fish and they are certainly having a growth spurt in this warmer
weather. We need more grow beds as there is too much nutrient for the amount of plants we have resulting in too rapid growth.

AND, the point-of -lay chooks have started laying AND they put themselves to bed on only the second night of residence. I wish I had trained my children that well when they were young!
We would love to hear what's happening at your place!
Carol & Doone

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