Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Visualisation of the "debate" on climate change

I just came across this (what I think is) impressive visualisation of some of the claims and counter-claims made by climate skeptics and scientists. The author (not an expert on climate science) approached this project from the perspective of someone just beginning to learn about climate chnage. He makes an important point at the bottom of the post: that even on (for example) realclimate.org, specific rebuttals to skeptics' claims can be buried in jargon, at the end of long chains of comments. Because of this issue, I think projects like this one are really important.

(I'm sure there are many other such things out there - please link to them in the comments!)

As Mike mentions in the comments, he posted a comprehensive list of resources earlier.


  1. Although perhaps none are quite as pretty. I gave a list of various information sites in a previous post. Some of which are good for beginners.

  2. Thanks for this Duncan. Its great to have some visuals. There is a great clip by Annie Leonard on Cap & trade to help understand the ETS more clearly. http://storyofstuff.com/capandtrade/

  3. Hmmms, Annie's new video has stirred up a lot of heated debate within the environmental community with some saying she has completely mis-characterised cap and trade
    See http://www.grist.org/article/cataloguing-the-errors-in-the-story-of-cap-and-trade

    Also it kind of shows people are too hung up on the "trade", from an environmental point of view (to borrow a phrase) "It's the cap stupid!"