Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big turnout for Walk against Warming - Thanks to all those who went along

Thanks to all those from TTKD who went along to the Walk Against Warming on Saturday. Compared to previous years the turnout was massive, both the QCC and the Courier mail are suggesting up to 10 000 people attended in Brisbane (although 5000 might be a better estimate), while over over 100 000 people are believed to have taken part nation wide. Hat tip to the QCC, Greenfest and all the community groups who helped make the day a success.
Check out the video from the QCC below or for some photos check here.

Hopefully such a large turnout will remind our politicians negotiating in Copenhagen that ordinary people really do want action on climate change. But in case you think it still hasn't quite got through to them consider sending a email to Wong and/or Rudd reminding them how important a fair, ambitious and binding deal at Copenhagen really is.

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