Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanks to all our readers - we promise plenty more good stuff to come in 2010

Sometime in the next day or so this blog will get its 500th unique visitor since we started counting a month or two ago. Obviously our total visits is higher than this due to all the folks who have come back multiple times.

So from the authors of the TTKD blog to our readers, thanks.
We hope you found some useful stuff in our articles this year, we'll have plenty more to talk about this coming year (in fact, despite all the posts I've written, my list of potential topics for posts only gets longer).

Some of our most popular posts included
Our climate change science resources posts parts 1 and 2
Alternatives to plastics bags
Comments on how to get in touch with OZ politicians regarding climate change
The latest smear against climate science and scientists

So if you missed these posts, give em a look

Happy new year everyone, here's to a good 2010.

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